Mailbox Treasure!

Hello to YOU who is reading my blog!

Ever since I can remember I have LOVED the feeling of getting treasure in my mailbox. The treasure being a lovely hand written letter, a package, an online purchase. Really, it could be anything other than a junk mail, advertisement papers and bills. To me there is no better hobby than snail mail and there is no better lifestyle than that of a snail mailer!

And so that is where this uncommon but wonderful blog comes in!  I’ve prolonged this blog for so long but have always had the desire to create a blog about all the little treasures I get, I send and the treasures YOU can get in your mailbox! I suppose I never knew where I should start yet here I am starting! Although this might not win the “BEST INTRODUCTION BLOG POST” award; I will be content that I have indeed began!

I hope this blog is one you will come back to on a regular basis! Here is to the beginning of a great blog!

Hugs, Yanill